How to Become a Walking Human Calculator?


Remember your teacher asking you, ‘Tell me, what is the square of 85?’ in your math class? Did you panic with fear because you don’t know the answer and others would laugh? 

You kept thinking, struggling hard to remember the squares you memorized the night before. But all your efforts went in vain. In the end, you could not remember the square of 85 and got a bad remark.

How can you avoid such a situation in the future? Can you turn your brain into a human calculator? 

The answer to the above question is that you can easily avoid such situations. You are just one step away from solving the most complex math problems in your head. You are just a minute away from turning yourself into a human calculator.

Want to know? Keep reading further.

This process boosts confidence in students which is necessary for sustaining interest in mathematics. 

Steps to Become a Human Calculator

1. Practice mental mathematics

First, let’s try to understand what mental mathematics is and how it differs from simple math. In simple words, mental math is the ability to solve the math problem in your head without using a calculator or pen and paper.

Mental math differs from regular math, not in fundamentals, but in the process of solving. Instead of taking the long path, mental math uses tricks or shortcuts to find out answers quickly.

Let’s take the above example. What is the 852? 

In regular math, you would just multiply 85 by 85 to find the answer. But the problem with this is, it is a time-consuming process and often results in errors.

But by using mental math, you calculate  852within 10 seconds using a simple multiplication trick. 

If the number ends with 5, the trick says take digits before five and multiply them with their successors. Then add it to 25. 

In this question, 85 ends with 5. So, the solution would

5X5 = 25

8 X 9 = 72 

85X 85 = 7225

You calculated the square of 85 within 10 seconds and three steps. Was that easy? Try out more interesting mental math tricks from our blog here. 

2. Understand the Concepts Thoroughly

Math is a cumulative subject. Everything is connected. If you don’t know addition, you can never learn multiplication and topics after that. Each concept is built upon the foundation of the previous concept. 

Conceptual understanding is important in the subject of mathematics. In simple words, conceptual understanding refers to how much knowledge you can grasp about mathematical ideas. Knowing how a concept works allows you to learn new concepts by connecting them to previously learned concepts.

How you connect pieces of knowledge is a key factor in determining whether you will understand the concept or not. If you don’t understand the topic, you cannot use it for problem-solving. 

Hence, understanding the mathematical concepts thoroughly is important if you want to become a human calculator. 

Want to learn how to solve math in simple steps? Learn about it on our blog here.

3. Read Mental Math Books

There are several mental math books to help you become a pro at math. We have listed some top mental math books below. Check them out.

  1. Math Magic by Scott Flansburg

Scott Flansburg, aka Human Calculator, wrote Math Magic for people of all ages. He wrote the book to help people get rid of their math fear and anxiety and excel.

  1. Secrets of Mental Math by Arthur T. Benjamin

In this book, the author teaches you to think like a math genius in no time. According to Benjamin, math is not as daunting as it seems. Instead, it is just a matter of breaking down problems in your head and finding solutions.

  1. Fast Math by Tim Ander

In his book Fast Math, Tim Ander explores Vedic math’s secrets that require mastering only basic functions, namely subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. 

  1. The Trachtenberg Speed System of Mathematics by Ann Cutler

The Trachtenberg speed system is a revolutionary method for teaching basic math. This system is known as a shorthand system and makes complicated high-speed arithmetic a breeze.

  1. How to Calculate Quickly by Henry Sticker

In his book, Henry teaches us to double or triple the speed which we calculate. First published in 1945, the tricks in this book work wonderfully even today.

4. Play Stimulating Games That Need Mental Calculations

Do you want to increase your math calculating capacity? Then learn and play chess.

According to a study, there is a link between math and chess. The study argues that chess promotes higher-order thinking skills. The analysis of chess position during games is common with problem-solving in mathematics. 

The study found many similarities between chess and mathematics, such as geometric rows and columns, diagonals and orthogonal, coordinate systems, and so on. Both of them require continuous calculations and develop visual memory, attention span, predictive capacity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

Chess helps you in improving your mathematics through a process called skill transfer. Skills acquired in chess can transfer into math and academic domains.  

The study also found that chess players are more intelligent, open, and extroverted with better spatial abilities than the general population.

If you want to learn more about brain-stimulating games, here is a detailed blog. 

5. Sign Up for Scott Flansburg’s Human Calculator program

What is a better opportunity than to learn mental maths from a Human Calculator himself? 

Scott Flansburg, a.k.a. The Human Calculator, has designed training to help people of all ages master basic arithmetic. The course goes into details of number theories and how numbers function at a core level. These techniques are not taught in school or college. 

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Can I become a human calculator?

Yes. Anyone can become a human calculator if they understand how to play with numbers in their head. The best way to become a human calculator is to learn mental math tricks.

How can I get mental math fast?

You can learn mental math fast by reading books or taking mental math training.

How can I train my brain to calculate faster?

You can train your brain to calculate faster by practicing mental math and playing brain-stimulating games like chess.

Final Words 

Maths does not need to be hard or boring. If you understand the core concepts, playing with numbers can become a fun game.

So, are you ready to become a walking human calculator? Start now by practicing the tactics above and if you need any help with mental math training, tricks, and techniques, join our newsletter to get select tips and tactics directly in your inbox.


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