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Your Key to the World of Riches! Unlock it Now

Math is a subject of millionaires and billionaires? Don’t believe me?

Then think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and many other richest people in the world. The common link between all the multi-millionaires today is maths!

Warren Buffett is in the investing field, where mathematics plays a key role. Using his math abilities, he can find the winning stocks. Turn an unprofitable company into a million-dollar generating machine and so much more. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started as a programmer whose foundation itself is based on maths.

The basic foundation of life itself starts with math. You won’t be able to count your money today if not for maths. You won’t be able to know your age if not for math. You won’t know your grades, the game’s score, and the list is never-ending. A world without maths is hard to imagine.

Leave Your Math Anxiety Behind You.
Upgrade Your Scores and Life with these Life-Changing Mental Math Tricks




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Do You Know Why These Math-related Jobs Pay So High?

According to PayScale, the average salary of a data science fresher is nearly $100K per year! Do you know how many students and people in the US will want to get that kind of salary as a fresher? Hint: Millions of them. 

But then, why aren’t they taking these jobs and making millions then? It is because these math-related jobs, such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, require a strong foundation of mathematics. Companies have a hard time finding undergraduates and freshers with a strong grasp of mathematics that are ready to pay an insane amount of money to freshers. 

So What’s Your Reason Behind Not Taking Your Math Skills to All New Levels?

Crack the Code Before Computers Can!

You might think, why do we need data scientists, data analysts, even stock market analysts when everything today can be done using computers? It is because computers are not capable of doing everything yet. But you don’t know the future; anything can happen. Till then, do what’s best for the present times. 

Take advantage of current times, as this is the best time in history to enter these fields and earn thousands and millions every year.

Be a part of the world’s richest lot, impress your teachers, peers, and parents with your strong mathematics ability.

You still have time. Grab it before someone else does it,

The Easiest Path to Perform Well in Exams and Become Popular – Become a Math Genius with The ‘Real’ Human Calculator

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About Scott Flansburg

Scott Flansburg, the Guinness record holder for speed of mental calculation

Scott Flansburg holds the Guinness World Record Holder for the fastest mental calculation after adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds, faster than anyone could do with a calculator. He is also an annual host and founder of The National Counting Bee, a fast-paced annual competition to find the fastest human counters. 

Flansburg discovered his mental calculation ability at the age of 9 when his math teacher asked him to add four numbers. He can mentally add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers with the accuracy of the calculator naturally. In 1990, he started using his abilities in the education and entertainment industry. To date, he has published books like Math Magic and Math Magic For Your Kids.

Scott has been featured in popular shows worldwide like The Ellen Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, BBC breakfast, ESPN, History Channel, and many more.

Scott Flansburg Human Calculator

Why Learn From Scott?

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Oprah Winfrey

Scott Flansburg getting kids excited about math is so wonderful!

Oprah Winfrey

Scott has a mind blowing super power. He’s the fastest human calculator in the world.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee
Regis Philbin

You’re like ‘a human calculator’

Regis Philbin

What Will You Learn in this Mental Maths Training Course?

7 Day - Course Curriculum

Become A Human Calculator - Student Edition Full Product


Module 1: Unlocking the Power of 9

Addition Logo

Module 2: Learning Addition and Subtraction

multiplication Logo

Module 3: Multiplication Part-1

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Module 4: Multiplication Part-2

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Module 5: Squaring, Roots, and Division

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Module 6: Hidden Tricks and Techniques

Module 7: Becoming Human Calendar

Bonus Material - Audio Book

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus Training Video 1

Number Theory

In this bonus, you will be learning number theory. Numbers are an integral part of our life. You will understand the importance of every digit after this training.

Bonus Training Video 2

Cube Roots

In this training, the secrets of the Cube Root theory are revealed. You will learn to calculate the cube roots of any number instantly.

Bonus E-book 1

Practice Exercises

You will learn to calculate the day of any week in the past or future using perpetual calendar theory.

Student edition math

Bonus Training Video 3

Perpetual Calendar Formula

This bonus is audio-only training. Once every base is covered, you will be given access to advanced training.

Bonus Audio Books 4

Advanced Training

In this bonus, you will receive two e-books. E-Book 1 will have hands-on training exercises to take mental math calculation to an entirely different level. E-Book 2 is the game of numbers book where you will learn how to quickly figure out the answer to any math problems.

Bonus E-book 2

Number Games

Math games where you have to figure out the answer quickly using the mental math techniques you have learned.

Scott Flansburg customer support


There is a lot of valuable information packed into this course. I want to make sure you understand everything in this course. Take time to digest the information and use it in your daily life. I also make sure that it is working for you.

Try the entire course in 15 days. 15 days is enough time to take this course twice. End decision will always be YOURS. If you love it. Keep it. And if you don’t love it, I will make sure you receive a full refund.

Rachel Gray

Customer Success Manager


In this course, you will go from being a math hater to a math lover. The course is thoroughly tried and tested over the years to filter the techniques that have shown the most results. Best of all, the techniques are so simple yet so effective. You can try them instantly.

The course has three plans. The starter, elite and unlimited plans provide access to the course for 3 months, 1 year, and unlimited, respectively.

I am fully confident this will help you. However, if you don’t see the results in your child, I provide a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 15 days.

I recommend taking the course over one week or more, as you will need some time to digest the tricks and techniques.

In case you have doubts or queries while taking the course, contact our customer support. They will reply within 24 hours and gladly assist you.

Start Your Journey of Becoming the Brightest Student in the Class.

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